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Mac OS Classic on iPhone

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Here it comes... Mac OS Emulation on iPhone! Thanks to

Mac OS Classic running on iPhone


[1] Add to Cydia Source list
[2] Install the mini Vmac app from cydia
[3] Upload your mac plus/classic ROM and mac Disk Images to your iPhone
[4] Enjoy

When the app is on hold, there's even a screenshot of the machine minimized in the icon!

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比我小一岁的Macintosh System 1

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10月26日发布了leopard,第二天就在我第一代的MacBook Pro上顺利装上,赶上时代潮流,期间耗费7G以上的磁盘空间,而那个令人耳目一新的Time Machine基本算把我那个小小的移动硬盘20G空间给独占了。

刚刚千辛万苦通过vMac,体验了1984年诞生的Macintosh System 1,难以想想,我出生那个时代的电脑只用128K的本机存储空间,外置的系统盘也只有200K...

附加一个简单的换算:G = 10^9, K = 10^3 令人感叹的变迁发展啊⋯⋯ macintosh system 1 on leopard

OS 9的葬礼

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人性的apple在2002年的WWDC上就给退出市场的OS 9举行这样一个葬礼。

Mac OS 7.5 and Mac OS 8

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OS7+OS8.png Mac OS 7.5 and Mac OS 8 running at the same time with OSX thanks to Sheepshaver.

I'll post a lot of HOW-TOs to those who addict to these old school mac OSs...
For me? yeah, just like their names, they are mac classics,
I love the feelings of backing to the 80s and 90s of last century :)

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