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Apple Store, Carrousel du Louvre Opening Day

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Apple Store Carrousel du Louvre

After a three-year long wait, the first Apple Store in France is finally open to public today.

(Why three years? well, you know, you have so many Apple Stores in the U.S. and then in London, and then 2008 even in Beijing... finally, this year, Paris.)

Actually, this year will be a big year for Apple France, because there will be another Apple Store open in Montpellier and a third one open in the Opera Area in Paris in the first half of 2010.

This first french Apple Store is located just underneath the tremendous crystal pyramid (The Inverted Pyramid) designed by Architect I. M. Pei. The place is very well chosen by Apple and I believe it will become a strategic Apple image to the European Continent and to the world. (second to none, or let's say, the same level as the 5th avenue on in NYC)

The souvenir T-shirt is packaged in a pyramid shaped white box, a perfect infusion of Apple Design and the Paris landmark.

And yes, I was there on the 7 Nov. 2009. It was an exciting moment for sure.



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1976年,也就是steve jobs开始酝酿自己弄个计算机卖卖的那年,家境不算宽松的他,时常跑到他一个朋友的小农场,打临时工赚钱,年轻的乔大爷在这个嬉皮士公社待了好几个月。

当他灵感迸发,把“造电脑,卖电脑”的好点子告诉另一个史蒂夫(Steve Wozniak)的时候,估计乔大爷刚从农场种好苹果树回来,于是就叫了“苹果”。


另外根据传言,乔布斯当年相当嬉皮,不排除他出于崇拜当年Beatles甲壳虫乐队,而把自己公司的名字取的和beatles的唱片公司:Apple Records一样⋯⋯ (这个也是后来和唱片公司纠纷的起因,也是为什么现在在iTunes Music Store上很难找到beatles的歌的原因~)


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