Apple Store, Carrousel du Louvre Opening Day

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Apple Store Carrousel du Louvre

After a three-year long wait, the first Apple Store in France is finally open to public today.

(Why three years? well, you know, you have so many Apple Stores in the U.S. and then in London, and then 2008 even in Beijing... finally, this year, Paris.)

Actually, this year will be a big year for Apple France, because there will be another Apple Store open in Montpellier and a third one open in the Opera Area in Paris in the first half of 2010.

This first french Apple Store is located just underneath the tremendous crystal pyramid (The Inverted Pyramid) designed by Architect I. M. Pei. The place is very well chosen by Apple and I believe it will become a strategic Apple image to the European Continent and to the world. (second to none, or let's say, the same level as the 5th avenue on in NYC)

The souvenir T-shirt is packaged in a pyramid shaped white box, a perfect infusion of Apple Design and the Paris landmark.

And yes, I was there on the 7 Nov. 2009. It was an exciting moment for sure.


Mac OS Classic on iPhone

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Here it comes... Mac OS Emulation on iPhone! Thanks to

Mac OS Classic running on iPhone


[1] Add to Cydia Source list
[2] Install the mini Vmac app from cydia
[3] Upload your mac plus/classic ROM and mac Disk Images to your iPhone
[4] Enjoy

When the app is on hold, there's even a screenshot of the machine minimized in the icon!

[More from author]

Larry's Original Review of the Macintosh

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by Lawrence J. Magid
Los Angeles Times
January 29, 1984

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I rarely get excited over a new computer. But Apple's Macintosh, officially introduced last Tuesday, has started a fever in Silicon Valley that's hard not to catch. My symptoms started when I talked with some devotees from Apple and the various companies that produce software, hardware and literature to enhance the new computer. By the time I got my hands on the little computer and its omni-present mouse, I was hooked. Apple has a winner.

The Mac, which retails for $2495 is about 14 inches tall and takes up about the same amount of desk space as a piece of 8 1/2 x 11 paper. It is smaller and lighter than most of the so called "portable" machines. The entire system can be slipped into an optional ($99) padded carrying case to be hoisted over your shoulder or placed under an airline seat. The case and computer together weigh 22 pounds.

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20年后我们才看到1984年macintosh的制作工艺流程,谁内告诉我,目前在中国深圳组装的那些苹果产品的内幕?ipod, iphone, imac已经目前这台用于写博客的服役2年的MacBook Pro,她们都是怎么被制造出来的呢?

Ads in Luxembourg station still in the year 98

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That's really a good reminder of the good old days where Jobs left us, where microsoft means the computer world, where the power mac is really a "worksration", the ugly but powerful beige mac, (see the beautiful icon on the office98 disc?) Luckily we have steve back when this poster made its first appearance in Paris, and then it's the history...
and this one is like a shinning fossil of the computer history.

Lisa office system release 3.1 on leopard

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Thanks to LisaEM, the ROMless Lisa Emulator, I finally get a taste of Lisa on Leopard!

Frankly, the Lisa is so slow, (I have to MANUALLY insert the diskettes one by one, but I enjoy that moment, hear the sound from the slot...)and the LisaEM program is a little buggy, but it works and rocks!

于是,作为一名苹果超级粉丝,我可以自豪地说,除了APPLE I,每一代苹果的OS我都尝试过了⋯⋯

“质量上乘,款款经典” 鉴定完毕~~


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Lisa Office System (1983-84)(Apple Computer Inc.)(Disk 4 of 5).image
Lisa Office System (1983-84)(Apple Computer Inc.)(Disk 5 of 5).image
Lisa WorkShop (1983-84)(Apple Computer Inc.)(Disk 1 of 9).image
Lisa WorkShop (1983-84)(Apple Computer Inc.)(Disk 2 of 9).image
Lisa WorkShop (1983-84)(Apple Computer Inc.)(Disk 3 of 9).image
Lisa WorkShop (1983-84)(Apple Computer Inc.)(Disk 4 of 9).image
Lisa WorkShop (1983-84)(Apple Computer Inc.)(Disk 5 of 9).image
Lisa WorkShop (1983-84)(Apple Computer Inc.)(Disk 6 of 9).image
Lisa WorkShop (1983-84)(Apple Computer Inc.)(Disk 7 of 9).image
Lisa WorkShop (1983-84)(Apple Computer Inc.)(Disk 8 of 9).image
Lisa WorkShop (1983-84)(Apple Computer Inc.)(Disk 9 of 9).image
LisaCalc (1983-84)(Apple Computer Inc.).image
LisaDraw (1983-84)(Apple Computer Inc.).image
LisaGraph (1983-84)(Apple Computer Inc.).image
LisaGuide (1983-84)(Apple Computer Inc.).image
LisaList (1983-84)(Apple Computer Inc.).image
LisaOffice (1983-84)(Apple Computer Inc.)(Disk 1 of 5).image
LisaOffice (1983-84)(Apple Computer Inc.)(Disk 2 of 5).image
LisaOffice (1983-84)(Apple Computer Inc.)(Disk 3 of 5).image
LisaOffice (1983-84)(Apple Computer Inc.)(Disk 4 of 5).image
LisaOffice (1983-84)(Apple Computer Inc.)(Disk 5 of 5).image
LisaProject (1983-84)(Apple Computer Inc.).image
LisaTerminal (1983-84)(Apple Computer Inc.).image
LisaTest (1983-84)(Apple Computer Inc.)(Disk 1 of 2).image
LisaTest (1983-84)(Apple Computer Inc.)(Disk 2 of 2).image
LisaWrite (1983-84)(Apple Computer Inc.)(Disk 1 of 2).image
LisaWrite (1983-84)(Apple Computer Inc.)(Disk 2 of 2).image

unique Mac Plus with signatures
Originally uploaded by Holmgren




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Steve Jobs总是自诩为“艺术家”

因此在cupertino苹果总部有不少pablo picasso的画,而乔布斯也时常引用毕加索的名言:
"Good artists copy, great artists steal"

在macintosh上首次出现的GUI (Graphic User Interface),便是苹果的伟大艺术家们从xero那里“steal”来的。当然这个"steal"可比bill gates日后在windows中拙劣"copy"来得高明的多⋯⋯
(关于苹果微软两家的恩恩怨怨,当是后话,感兴趣的可以直接去看 Pirates of the Silicon Valley 来了解一二)

如你有幸能收集到macintosh那些早期型号(macintosh 68k, plus),不妨打开后盖,会有惊喜哦~


我在flickr找到了一台Macintosh Plus的内部签名照
Macintosh Plus molded signature

仔细找找,你至少能看到steve jobs和woz的签名哦。



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The macintosh video from 1984 apple shareholders meeting.





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1994 apple QuickTake digital camera brochure cover

记得我在买我的Olympus E-410的时候,踌躇万分,因为作为一个百分百的苹果迷,发觉apple尽然在数码相机这个大众数码消费领域没有什么涉足,否则我坚决保持自己数码产品的队列,非苹果不买⋯⋯

今天在flickr上突然发现,原来apple出过所谓的Digital Camera,在1994年推出的第一款Apple QuickTake 100,三年之后的1997年,jobs回归,毅然决然地砍掉了这个不赚钱且吃力不讨好的产品线。于是历史上至今,属于apple的数码相机只有三款:QuickTake 100, QuickTake 150, QuickTake 200。现在苹果的support页上,仍然能找到关于这三款产品的用户手册

看着这个和宝丽来立拍得长得极像的数码相机,让我想到了“牛顿”Newton,以及现在风光无比的iPhone,Apple在不久的将来会有数码相机的reborn or reinvent吗?